Things to know during the interview

Important Things to Know During The Interview

To have a successful job interview and job search, you must prepare everything carefully. It is necessary to prepare all the aspects that can be raised in the interview, so if you are faced with a problem or request, and you have the ability to deal with it, you are even offered a highly qualified candidate.

Preparation for the interview is very important. Here are some things that need to be prepared:

Data and Information
Business management generally does not have much time to interview you. Therefore, you must proactively help facilitate communication. Prepare the document (transparent map) usually called Interview Kit, store the latest resume, diploma, certificate, training experience and other important documents. There are official documents such as award certificates in the folder. In addition, you must make a copy of the worksheet.
If you have one or more works that prove that you have accomplished a feat, then you must include it in the form of photos, images, or possibly the results of that work. The interview kit helps to provide your own visual image. For those with experience in the creative field, don’t forget to prepare a portfolio, such as a computer program (print), photography, graphic design, or advertising.

List Your Experience
Experience or recorded skills will help you answer questions about your strengths. Professional knowledge may be the use of the Internet, the use of certain accounting, programming, tax, financial analysis software, or other local and international certifications that you own or control.

Preparing Responses
You should practice answering questions in less than 30 seconds. This method can be used to answer questions like, “Introduce yourself?” and “Why do you want to work here?” “Practice to give clear and concise answers to basic questions, that is, “What are your strengths?” “Or “What is your weakness?” Such questions, so that you can answer the questions without any problems. At the same time, you are ready to say what you want to say and end the interview.

You can judge a person by their appearance, and let others judge your appearance. For this reason You have to be ready to practice and see your attitude during the interview. The most effective way is to use a video camera and recorder to listen to the voice and see the gesture during the interview. Pretend to be an interviewer with the help of a friend. Try to speak standard language, structured and clear. Before the actual interview, watch the tape again to evaluate your performance and improve it.

Examples or Experiences
The story you tell the interviewer thinks it reflects what you will do at work. Therefore, during the interview, you should choose examples of experiences that can leave a positive impression on yourself, not only for you, but also for others. Tell me some examples of events or experiences to colleagues to evaluate the impression that this story can make. If you have a negative impression of your colleagues, don’t try to reveal it to the interviewer.

Firm Handshake
The interviewer looks into your eyes with firm handshake. When entering and leaving the room, say their names gently and politely.

Listen to Short Answer Questions
Listen to all the questions carefully and answer them concisely. In this way, you can create the impression of being good at communicating and thinking quickly. If you have unclear questions, ask again to make sure you really have to understand the core of the problem. But don’t ask over and over again.

Active Communication
Create an atmosphere of contact, where you can ask questions related to what the interviewer describes. For example, when talking about computers, you might ask what system the company uses. Give some examples of your experience using computer systems.

Show Interest and Enthusiasm
A drowsy attitude, tired, wrinkled appearance and monotonous facial expressions make the interviewer disinterested and distrustful of your abilities. Sitting in an upright posture, with a cheerful expression, and high spirits, you can start a performance of knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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