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Work From Home: Pros and Cons

In this time we know about new term: work from home. It means most of the people who works in the office or business will work from their home. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of work from home and decide wether it’s good for you or not.


  • No stressful traffic jam! Yaay!
  • You will not going late to office
  • Save more time
  • Save money (for train tickets or petrol)
  • Comfort. You can wear cozy shirt, jumper, even joggers (some companies want their employees wearing uniform, tho)
  • More time with family
  • You can work in the place that you like and refreshing for you
  • Eat healthier at home
  • Beside your primary job, you also can do part time online jobs. Try Upwork.


  • You can’t meet your friends
  • Boring sometimes
  • Many, many distractions (sometimes your Mom calls you. Well, often)
  • Not productive

In my experience working from home for my company, it is a good thing but somehow also not really good. We really need a GOOD DISCIPLINE to do that for a long time. Does working from home suit you? The good thing with remote work is (as I said before), you can easily start part-time job. Give it a try and work a bit during the weekends or after your normal work to see if it is something that you could do full-time. There is nothing to lose, only experience to gain.

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