Subscribing to video on demand services is now a necessity for entertainment, especially during a Covid-19 pandemic like this. Through this service, users can enjoy hundreds of popular movie collections. Since officially entering Indonesia, streaming service providers such as Netflix and Disney Plus HotStar are increasingly loved by the public. Both of them offer exclusive films that other streaming services don’t have. To increase comfort while watching movies, users can also adjust the quality of the image displayed. Users can choose the lowest quality, such as SD (Standard Definition) 480p, up to the highest, Ultra HD / 4K resolution. Image quality also determines the data consumption that will be consumed. Especially if users spend hours watching movie series. Maybe, the user’s quota will be drained without realizing it.


Netflix provides different subscription prices, depending on the quality of the movies selected by the user. The packages consist of Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium packages. There are four data settings that Netflix users can choose from, namely low, medium, high, and automatic. Each of these settings will affect how much data quota is consumed per hour. For low image quality settings, it consumes up to 300 MB of data quota every hour. Meanwhile, for medium quality, the data consumed is as much as 700 MB per hour. Then if the user chooses the highest video quality, the data quota that is spent is 3 GB per hour for HD quality and 7 GB per hour for Ultra HD quality.

Disney HotStar

Internet quota usage while watching movies on Disney Plus HotStar varies depending on the device used.

  • Mobile

If watching via cellphone, users can choose the quality of the film in three modes, namely stream over WiFi only, automatic mode, and data saving mode. Stream over WiFi mode can only be activated when the user accesses the Disney Plus HotStar application using a WiFi network. In this mode, users can watch movies with HD resolution (1080p) and Dolby Atmos audio. This mode consumes data quota of 2.5 GB per hour. The second mode is automatic mode which is the default setting. This mode delivers movies in HD quality and 5.1 Surround audio, and consumes a quota of 2 GB per hour.

  • Smart TV

Disney Plus HotStar can also be enjoyed via smart television. To be able to enjoy movies in the best quality, users can select Automatic mode. This mode will consume the most internet quota, which is around 7.7 GB per hour. The quality of the movies presented can reach Ultra HD / 4K resolution, which is supported by Dolby Atmos audio. There is also a Moderate mode which is the most balanced. With HD image quality combined with Surround Sound 5.1 sound output, users will spend a quota of 2.0 GB per hour. Then there’s the Save Data mode, which consumes 700 MB of data per hour. The content offered is 480p SD quality and stereo sound.

About the series and movies collection, for now Netflix has more choice than Disney HotStar. But if you can do both, why choose one?



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