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How to Add Tax to WooCommerce and Display It in Vend

After learning the advantages of using WooCommerce online store that integrated with Vend, now I will give a simple tutorial on how to add tax to WooCommerce website and display it on Vend sales report.

First step, if you already integrate your WooCommerce online store with Vend, you will also automatically add the products (include the name, price, stock, etc.) and now the time to enable the tax settings. Tick the “Enable Tax Rates and Calculations” part.

Tutorial WooCommerce and Vend Tax

Below is the picture of the Tax Setting after you enable it in General Setting.

WooCommerce and Vend Tax Tutorial_1

As you can see on the screenshot, I entered the price inclusive of tax; that means all of the products in the website will not be added tax anymore. If your tax is the standard one, choose Standard in Shipping Tax Class. The display price also can be shown as including or excluding tax, it depends on your needs.

Tutorial WooCommerce and Vend Tax

Remember to add “Taxable” and “Standard” rules in every product’s tax setting as shown above.

Tutorial WooCommerce and Vend Tax

This is Standard Rates tab you can see on Settings. Because the tax class I entered before is the standard one, I insert row for my tax here. Country code (2 characters) means the ISO code of the country you want to apply the tax. Because this website sell the products in Indonesia, the country code is ID. You can check your country’s ISO code here. The state code, postcode, and city is the specific rules of where you want to apply the tax rates. If you want to apply it in Bali, Indonesia (for example) you need to add Country Code ID, state code BA for Bali. If you want to sell all around Indonesia, just leave it blank on State Code, postcode, and city. Next put your tax rate, the name, and the priority if you have more than one tax rule.

If your setting is correct, you will see this report in WooCommerce > Settings > Tax. This value also will be displayed in your Vend sales report.


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